schnuron asked:

Instead of seeing your influence map picture you made, are there any new inspirations on deviantArt or tumblr from any artists you've seen nowadays or are you still drawing by the same old influence taste, in your opinion? (for example, if not inspired by, I don't like to guess who, RedBlooper, jeiae, epicaistar, retromissile, Skottie young, etc)

There always is. Right now I am getting back into admiring Shūichi Seki, a phenomenal cartoony artist from asia who has a very simple but joy-lifefull style in his work but never gets the attention he truely deserves!


I also get into Dupa again. As a kid I was never really interested in the Cubitus Comics, but right now I enjoy the cheer details Dupa has put into one single comic page. The jokes rean’t that great, but the excecution is phenomenal.


From the online artists I meet; I am never aware how much I inspire or influence other peeps. I noticed that Jejae goes more into the abstract presentation of his characters and has more subtle erotic in them, but I don’t think I am the reason. David has grown a lot since I saw him the first time and he got a lot motivation from other artists, never saw him going bonkers with his lines like I tend to do.I guess he got more from Sandra and Kyle, than from me. But I can be wrong.

Steffie has a very diverse set of styles she can pull off and I admire that people can have so many different styles at once. And her girls are great!

Skottie Young has actually a style I am not really liking right now.

Retromissle has a lot to learn, but she keeps on track and makes a lot progress and inspires a lot artists to keep going like she is doing. She is more going into a style I am not really into, but she gets it.

There are plenty more artists from devart or tumblr;

Some of the other peeps stopped interacting with me, they are either too busy or got into new artists they admire or get influence from, but that is fine too, change is good, but hope they dont forget me.

I am more concerned that some peeps start to look down at me, because I am not doing realistic art and stay in the cartoony field. Or develop into far better artists than I am and just don’t see any reason to talk to me or respect where I came from and what I like to draw.

One of my personal motivation is less the art style people do, it’s more how they interact with you. And Jejae or David can go into whole different art style directions, when they still remember me or have fun with me drawing stuff, I feel motivated.

The only thing I can add to the question is, that people should never feel bad or less interesting, just because I don’t get influenced by their work. There is always an influence that keeps me working too and that is the motivation of peeps to bring their art to the world, no matter what style. And when I feel that the artist has passion and heart and not doing it only for money or self-presentation, then Its great.

So at the end, all peeps motivate me. But there are still the special ones between who I admire a bit more.