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    luckstergal fragte: Nah, but you really are awesome!


    Thank you :)

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    compliments-people fragte: You're awesome and an amazing person!


    Thank you positive robotic inbox spam code!  *blush*

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    Fungi. Natures way to tell that ‘surreal’ is awesome.

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    hudaledu fragte: I just listened to your interview on the Artaku podcast and I have a whole other level of respect for your work now. Your stories of overcoming so many obstacles to make incredible art is truly inspiring! It really makes me appreciate the opportunities I have living in the US. Good luck with your comics (:


    Hey thanks man! It might sounded harder than like it really was. I made it look like a bad time, it wasn’t bad, but living in Berlin during the wall time and getting imports was very hard. After the wall opened, the market was flooded with american stuff and there a lot good stuff was lost or edited to the extreme, like many animes got butchered by the americans and then thrown on the german market.

    There is still a slight hope for me to make it to america, but people think its easy. No its not.

    Have fun watching my art and I hope I won’t dissapoint!

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    heyfrankie fragte: I've loved your stuff for like almost a decade now! Congratulations on the Dumm slot!


    Thank you :) And I hope the Swefs get a little love there.

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    Artaku Podcast

    I had an interview with Avi Kishundat over at Artaku!

    You can hear my silly german accent here:

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    sillyrookie fragte: Do you feel that the terms used by others to describe your work are at all accurate?


    Wacky cartoony art describes it, I guess. When they compare it with specific artists, it gets a bit more tricky and inaccurate.

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    One of my most hated characters ever.

    One of my most hated characters ever.

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